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eBoss Quick Video Tutorials
eBoss Quick Video Tutorials

These tutorials answer some of the most common questions about eBoss in quick, bite-sized videos.

Lesson 1: Setting up your email signature
Lesson 3: Adding Candidate, Clients, Contacts, and Jobs
Lesson 4: Shortlists Made Easy
Lesson 5: Creating and Editing the Candidate Track
Lesson 6: Submitting a CV
Lesson 7: Setting a Reminder
Lesson 8: Adding and linking Notes
Lesson 9: Creating an email template
Lesson 10: Importing data from a .csv file
Lesson 11: Bulk upload by importing a .zip archive
Lesson 12: Quick Search and Refining a Search
Lesson 13: Adding Notes to a Job
Lesson 14: Using the Grid View
Lesson 15: How to Add a Consultant
Lesson 16: Add Your Company Logo
Lesson 17: How to Archive Your Data
Lesson 18: Candidate Icons Explained
Lesson 19: Managing Country and Regsion Settings
Lesson 20: Fully Customisable Labels
Lesson 21: How to Configure your Track Pipeline
Lesson 22: How to Add an Internal Status to a Candidate
Lesson 23: Add and Configure your Client Statuses
Lesson 24: How to assign a consultant
Lesson 25: Bulk edit job titles
Lesson 26: Delete Data, Bulk Delete, and Restore Deleted Records
Lesson 27: How to exclude contacts from mass mailing
Lesson 28: How to add an additional CV to a candidate
Lesson 29: How to clone a job
Lesson 30: Reactivate a Suspended User Account
Lesson 31: How to set up a checklist
Lesson 32: Create a Pinned Note
Lesson 33: Export your data
Lesson 34: Snooze an appointment on your eBoss calendar
Lesson 35: Modify a Semantic Search
Lesson 36: Improved Semantic Search history suggestions
Lesson 37: Find Recently Viewed Candidates with Semantic Search
Lesson 38: How to Save a Profile Picture to Candidate Records
Lesson 39: How to send an email with images
Lesson 40: Merge Candidate and client pages
Lesson 41: Search for and Restore an archived page