Your eBoss database lets you archive any candidate or contact page for your own convenience. Archiving a page can help de-clutter your desktop view, and lets you keep temporarily-unavailable candidates stored on your system without them affecting your search outcomes.

But sometimes you will want to re-set an archived page to active. Or you might want to know: "How do I search for an archived candidate?" You may even have accidentally archived a page, and now you want to restore the profile, but don't know how.

Fortunately, searching for and restoring an archived page is a very straightforward task, and takes just a couple of moments. Here's how:

Search for and Restore an archived page

You Will Need

  • Access to your eBoss Account

  • One or more archived pages

Time Required: < 1 MINUTE

Step-by-Step Guide

  • 1) Enter your Candidate screen

  • 2) Click on the View tab

  • 3) Select '"View Archived"

  • 4) You will now see a list of all pages you have previously archived.

  • 5) Scroll until you find the page you were looking for, or use the search bar.

  • 6) Click on the Active | Archive radio button.

  • 7) Your chosen page has now been retrieved from the archive and set to 'Active' once again.

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