You can upload large numbers of candidate CVs at once with the eBoss automated extraction tool. Bulk importing is easy, and only takes a couple of minutes to start the process. 

Before you first attempt to import an archive file, you will need to create a zip format archive file. To do this, you will need an appropriate software program. We recommend WinRar. It is free and easy to install. (Download WinRar Here.)

You Will Need:

  • Archiving software (We recommend Winrar. Download WinRar Here.)
  • Your candidate CVs saved as a .zip format archive file.
  • Your archive should contain no more than 800 CVs. 
  • It should also be no larger than 20MB.
  • It is better to upload multiple .zip files, rather than one large one, if you have a lot of CVs to import.


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