Q: "I just got an email from eBoss asking for my permission to be sent emails by you. However, I am pretty sure I had already unsubscribed!"

You probably saw this message because you were once on one of our mailing lists, and - like you say - you removed yourself from it. In fact, we have multiple lists, specifically so we can stream our experiences to best suit your interests. But don't worry - you are still unsubscribed from any lists you previously unsubscribed from!

However, when laws change at the end of May 2018, we will be limited in what we can do with your data - and that includes deleting it. 

So what we are doing is giving you the option to add - or indeed delete - yourself from as many of our free services as you like. It only takes about ten seconds and - if you choose to remove yourself from all of them - I can assure you that you won't be hearing from us again!

The eBoss Team

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