Q: I am completing a compliance report. What steps can I say eBoss has put in place to ensure compliance with GDPR?

A: We have ensured that each of the following steps will either be in place before May 25th, or is already a standard part of eBoss company policy:

1. All data subject data is stored on servers located within the EU only;

2. All data subject data is encrypted;

3. All data subject data is pseudonymised;

4. All data subject data is backed up and easily recovered or restored to prevent permanent loss;

5. No data subject data is ever transferred to a location which is not protected by the GDPR or regulation that has been recognised as equivalent to the GDPR;

6. We have updated the terms of service and privacy policies for web users, customers, and clients;

7. we have informed web users, customers, and clients of their new rights and obligations under the GDPR;

8. We have established new service agreements for data controllers which limit the services provided by eBoss and our subprocessors to those that remain within GDPR best practices at all times;

9. we have selected subprocessors only if they are able to demonstrate GDPR compliance prior to May 25th;

10. we have undertaken orientation and staff training on best practices under the GDPR;

11. we have undertaken preliminary risk assessments on the processing of data subjects’ personal data;

12. we have mapped a thorough and ongoing risk assessment process which will continue to update our understanding of the GDPR and create a knowledge base of risks and threats to personal data that we process.


Article 28, GDPR
Article 32, GDPR

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