Q: GDPR allows me to obtain a copy of my data as part of my Right To Access. Can I retrieve a copy of all my company data stored with eBoss? And, if so – how?

A: As an eBoss customer, you are of course welcome to receive a copy of all of the company data that you have secured using our software. This is part of our basic service to our customers. However, it is unrelated to the GDPR (see 'Additional Information' for an explanation of this).

Due to the valuable, and often sensitive, nature of the data you have stored on eBoss servers, some additional security steps may be required before we release your data to you.

Data will usually be sent in  .csv format.



Additional Information:

The GDPR protects the rights and privacy of individual “natural” persons. That means that company data is rarely covered by the regulation.

Equally, the data your recruitment firm has stored on eBoss servers is the personal data of your individual candidates and contacts, not you as a business owner.

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