So you want to hook up a candidate to a job, whether that is because you are considering them or you want to submit their CV.  The great thing is, you can do this from the candidate the client or the job page and the approach is the same.

  1. In list view, you will see a small + (hi lighted yellow)in the track column, see below.

Every candidate has one even if they have been linked to another client

   2. Click on the + and a pop up will appear letting you fill in the gaps.  If you click the + from the candidate side the gaps will be for the client a job (as hi lighted below), if you are on the client page, the gap will be for the candidate and job etc etc

Red Arrows (doesn't look pretty, but easily explained down below

  1. You can select the stage, CV submitted, interview . ..............
  2. Add internal notes to this specific event
  3. Send emails to your candidate
  4. Send emails to your client
  5. There is no number 5 however, if 2/3/4 remain closed notes will not be added and emails will not be sent, it is a concern that people have, "but I don't want to send an email" just leave 3 & 4 closed

There are other things that can be done and other ways to create track events, but let's get the basics sorted first.

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