Here you can Search for and edit User Accounts.

Click Settings > Index >User Accounts to access this area.

Your user accounts are separated into Manager and Consultant accounts.

Search & Filter

If you have a large number of Managers Accounts you can Search or Filter by:

  • Using the Search Field
  • Clicking the column headings (Name, Email etc)
  • Using the page numbers at top right of the list
  • Click on the ‘pencil’ icon to the right of the account you wish to Edit.
  • Highlight the Manager Name, and Email to edit
  • Check or un-check the boxes forIs ActiveIs MasterAllow Delete / ExportAllow IP (also enter the IP Range from which this account is able to access your eBoss database)

Editing a Manager Account Password

Click on ‘Enter new Password’, enter the new password, and click OK.

Deleting a Manager Account

  • Click the trash icon to the right of the account you wish to Delete.
  • Click OK to confirm deletion of the account.
  • If you delete a User Account, ensure you inform us at so that we can ensure the deleted user is not included on your next invoice.
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