My User Profile

Your User Profile is where you can set up your Email, Contact and other details, along with a Custom Email Signature.

Email Details Including Exchange Email

If your email is handled by eBoss, then the Host and Port information will be correct.  Just ensure that you enter your email address as the SMTP Username and your email address password as the SMTP Password.

If you use another email service provider, you will need to obtain your IMAP details from them, and enter:

  • SMTP Host
  • SMTP Port
  • SMTP Username
  • SMTP Password
  • Email

If you have Exchange email you just need to tick the box marked ‘Use Exchange’ and enter your Exchange account details in the spaces provided.  Ticking the ‘Use Exchange’ box will overwrite any information already entered into the SMTP email details so you do not need to worry about making those changes in that section.  Please inform if you are using exchange email so that we can ensure your settings have been correctly configured.

Contact Details

Here you can customise your Job Title, Phone, Fax & Mobile Numbers, and the default Font and Font Size used for your account.

Other Details

If you have accounts with the following, you can enter the username & password details here.  Note – an Admin or Manager User must switch this on Globally in Settings > Index > Company Database Configuration > 3rd Party Integration section

  1. Idibu – username & password required
  2. Adcourier – username & password required
  3. Jobmate – username & password required

Custom Email Signature

Here you can enter a custom signature for emails sent from the eBoss database under your account.  A sample signature is generated by default for you to customize.

  • Email Address– to add your email address to your signature: click the ‘Hyperlink’ icon on the Signature Toolbar (small globe icon with a chain-link).Select ‘Email’ from the Link Type dropdown menuIn the ‘Email Address’ field, type your email addressOptionally, enter a Message Subject and Message Body (when someone clicks your email link in your Signature, some Email Clients will automatically fill these in)Click OKWeb Address– to add your website address to your signature:click the ‘Hyperlink’ icon on the Signature Toolbar (small globe icon with a chain-link).Select ‘URL’ from the Link Type dropdown menuIn the URL field, enter your web address, including the ‘www’ part.Click OKInsert an Image– to insert an image in your Signature:Click on the insert image icon in the toolbar (located just under the ‘source’ option to the left of the toolbar)When the popup box appears, select the ‘upload’ tab.Browse for your image on your computer and click ‘send it to the server’ button.Once it has uploaded click ‘OK’ (the latin text showing will not show on your signature) Formatting Text – use the Toolbar at the top of the Custom signature text area to format your Signature text.  Standard formatting features such as Headings, Bold, Italic, Colour, and Styles can be applied.

If you have an HTML signature you would like to insert and have the html code. You can add this in by first clicking the ‘Source’ button and then pasting in the html code.  Click the ‘Source’ button again to view correctly.

Click Save when you are happy with your Details and Signature.

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