Set-up CV Templates for sending to Clients

Here you can set up system CVs to use for sending to Clients from your eBoss database.

  • Go to Settings > Index
  • Customize CV Templates

Search & Filter

If you have a large number of Template CVs you can Search or Filter by:

  • Using the Search Field
  • Clicking the column headings (Name, Date etc)
  • Using the page numbers at top right of the list
  • Select how many records to display using the dropdown at the bottom of the list

Create a New CV Template

To create a new CV Template:

  • Click the link at the top of the page
  • Enter a Name for your CV template
  • Select the Sections you wish to include in the Template
  • Click Submit to make the Template available on your eBoss database.

Preview a CV Template

Click the ‘note’ icon in the action column to preview the content of the CV Template

Edit a CV Template

To edit an existing Template click the ‘pencil’ icon on the right hand side of the screen.  You can edit the same fields as when you Create a New Template above.

Delete a CV Template

To Delete a CV Template click the trash can icon on the right.

You can Search and Filter Styles in the same way as Templates (see above ‘Search & Filter’).

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