Here you can Search for, Edit, and Add new Country and Regional areas.

Click Settings > Index > Country & Regional to access this area.

Search & Filter

If you have a large number of Countries / Regions, you can Search or Filter by:

  • Using the Search Field
  • Clicking the column headings (Name, Region etc)
  • Using the page numbers at top right of the list

Editing Countries

Simply click the Country name, type in the amended name for the Country, and click OK.

Adding a Country

Simply enter the name of the new Country in the ‘New Country’ field below your existing list of Countries. You can also add Regions for the new country in the Region field. Then click the ‘Add’ button to save this to your database.

Editing Regions

Click ‘Regions’ in your list, then click the Region name, type in the amended name for the Region, and click OK.

Adding a Region

Select an Existing Country from the dropdown at the bottom of your list. Enter the name of the Region, then click the Add button.

Making Countries and Regions Active or Inactive

Find the Country or Region you require in the list.
In the “Is Active”, or “Active for Candidates” columns, click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to change.
A Country must be Active for it’s Regions to be visible on your system.

“Is Active” – Vs.- “Active For Candidates”

“active” – for clients and candidates as where they are located/registering from.
“active for candidates” is the country candidates would like to work in.

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