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Use the system to ensure all of your emails are leaving the system

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This guide will demonstrate how to configure your system to ensure every email sent from eBoss is dispatched correctly, providing you with greater confidence in its delivery.

Just like checking your 'Sent Items' in Outlook or Gmail to confirm if an email has been sent, you can apply a similar method with eBoss. Although there are multiple strategies to improve email deliverability, such as updating SPF, DKIM, or having a dedicated IP, this guide focuses primarily on a simpler technique.

Our goal is to enhance your certainty that each email sent via eBoss has been successfully dispatched to its recipient.

How will we do this?

By incorporating an email address into the database, which will automatically receive a blind copy of every email sent.

Step 1.

Go to settings - On the Company database configuration page enter an email address that you want to capture all the outgoing emails.

Step 2.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and press SAVE.

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