From the Dashboard – in the main Navigation on the left of your screen:

(You can click the ‘Full Screen’ icon on the bottom right of the Youtube window, or double-click the video to enter and leave Fullscreen mode)

  • click ‘Jobs’,
  • or click the drop down arrow to the right of Jobs.  Then click ‘Manage Job’.
  • Click the ID or Name of the Job to view the Job record

You can now edit the Job information, such as:

  • Job Title
  • Description format the text using the toolbar at the top of the Description field
  • Salary
  • Active, Interview & Creation Dates
  • ‘Live for Web’ to display this Job on your website should you have one
  • Skills and Languages
  • Consultants assigned
  • Charge, Pay & Commission values

Click Save to commit your changes for this Job, or Cancel to revert your changes.

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