From the main Jobs page your eBoss database allows you to quickly perform a Search or Advanced Search to target specific types of Job.


  • Simply enter a Job name, or part of a Job name in the Search field at the top right of your screen
  • A list of matching results is displayed
  • Click on the desired result to go to the individual fileClick the ‘Advanced Search’ button to open or close the Advanced Search options

Advanced Search

Here you can search on:

  • ID
  • Title
  • Description
  • Notes

Click ‘Reset’ to clear the fields, or ‘Search’ to search on the information you have entered.

Using a combination will narrow your search down, e.g. searching for:

  • Description: ‘manager’
  • Notes: ‘work permit’

Will yield results for only Jobs whose Description includes ‘manager’ AND have a note containing ‘work permit’.

Just below these fields you can select to search  by Consultant name and also by Company Name / Salary Range / Activity Date & Consultants

  • Enter the text you wish to search Company Name for if required
  • Enter a Salary Range as required
  • Select a Date of Activity if required
  • Select Consultants if required
  • Select a Postcode and distance from postcode if required
  • Click Click Search, or Reset to clear your selections
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