Clicking on the ‘Jobs’ link in the main Navigation on the left of your eBoss database takes you by default to the main Jobs view page.   You can also click the drop down arrow to the right of ‘Jobs’ and click ‘Manage Jobs’ to navigate to this page.

(You can click the ‘Full Screen’ icon on the bottom right of the Youtube window, or double-click the video to enter and leave Fullscreen mode)

Sorting Your View

The view for Jobs on this screen defaults to the most recently added at the top.  You can customise this by clicking on the ID to display either lowest to highest, or on Job Name / Exp. date / Salary / Company Name, to display in ascending or descending order.

Use the Page numbers, or Next and Last buttons to quickly skip through pages if you have many results.

Key Information and Tasks

  • You can quickly Add a Job by clicking ‘Add new+’ at the top of the screen
  • Clicking the Job Name or Job ID will take you to the Job Information section for that Job
  • Clicking the circled number in the ‘Cand’ column will present you with a list of Candidates associated with that Job.
  • Click the name in the Consultants column to view and update Consultants associated with that Job.
  • Select Jobs and perform key Tasks such as Report/Export and Shortlists from the drop-down box at the top of the Jobs list.
  • And also view and update more in-depth information at a glance by hovering or clicking on the icons and information such as Lookup (magnifying glass), and Notes in the Actions Column.
  • Perform a Search, or Advanced Search from the top right of the screen.

We have more in-depth help for each area of the Jobs Actions on our Helpdesk.

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