From the main Jobs page, you are able to Assign Consultants to one or multiple Jobs within your eBoss database.

Filter & Select

  • Navigate to the Jobs screen in your main navigation menu on the left
  • Select the desired Jobs either by:Selecting individually using the checkbox to the leftSelecting all Jobs on the screen by clicking the checkbox to the top of the columnUsing the ‘Select All’ link to the right of the Filter button at the top of the list – this differs from the above in that you will select all the Jobs, from all the Pages listedUsing Advanced Search to filter your list of Jobs


Once you have selected the desired Jobs:

  • select Mass Assign from the Actions dropdown
  • Click Apply
  • Check the boxes for the required Consultants
  • Review the list of Jobs displayed and amend as required
  • Click the Send button

The Consultants you selected are now assigned to the selected Jobs.

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