Track/Xstatus/Linked column icons:

CV Submitted for candidate to client

Interview arranged for candidate/client

Candidate placed in role

indicates an event between the candidate and client such as: on assignment, application,started, rejection and more


Actions column icons:

  Add a new note

  Add or remove from a saved list

Checklist information

 View future scheduled events

 View latest notes

 View telephone numbers

Write email



View essential details of candidate/client/contact/job

Automatically sets a diary reminder for 1 hour ahead

  Shows the candidate or client location



  Shows a PDF document on file

   Shows a word document on file

Shows the CV text in a popup window

  Help topic available

  Shows linked candidates

Managed candidate lists for job

Match candidates to job

  Semantic search

Candidate not ready

Candidate almost ready

Candidate ready

Notes overview

Pin note

Pinned note


 Reparse CV to update candidate record

 Reparse CV to include in Boolean search

Show calendar

Flag reason

Job not on website

Job showing on website

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