To add a new Job:

From the Dashboard – in the main Navigation on the left of your screen, click the drop down arrow to the right of Jobs.  Then click ‘Add Job’.

From the View Jobs page – click ‘Add New +’ at the top of your screen.

For both these methods:

  • Start typing the Client name you wish to add this Job for, and click to select from the list
  • Click Add Job

Entering Information

Both the above will present you with the Add Job form.  Here you can enter details such as

  • Job Type, Country, Region, Postcode and Commission.
  • Whether to Tweet the Job.
  • Start and end dates
  • Enter the required information, or select it from the drop down menus, and use Tab to move through the fields.
  • Ensure you select the ‘Active’ checkbox if you wish this Job to be visible on your website, if you have a website package with eBoss.

Industry and Additional Skills

These fields will ‘auto-suggest’ as you start typing in the field.

  • Start typing e.g. the Industry, and a list will pop up.
  • Use the mouse, or the up and down arrows on your keyboard to move through the suggestions, and either mouse-click or hit Enter to select that suggestion.


Click Save and your Job will be added to your eBoss database.

Editing a Job

Follows the same format as above for Adding a new Job

  • Click on the Job ID in the list to edit it
  • Amend the information as required
  • Click Save.
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