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  • Click the Migration link in the main Navigation menu of your eBoss database
  • Click the CV’s zip archive migration Tab

Here you can view and upload .zip folders containing CV’s to your eBoss database.

Uploading a File

  • Click the Upload a File link
  • Browse to the Zip folder on your PC
  • Select it and click Open
  • Your Zipped up file of CV’s is uploaded to your eBoss Database

CV Zip files are usually processed at a rate of approximately 300 per hour.

Zip Files – Awaiting Processing

The next portion of the screen displays files that have been uploaded, and are awaiting processing with the following information:

  • Format
  • Filename
  • Date
  • Status (e.g. Processed, or Awaiting Processing)
  • (You can also delete files once they have been Processed)

Zip Files – Processed

Once a Zip file has been processed onto your eBoss database, you will see it displayed in the ‘Processed Docs’ area towards the bottom of the screen.

  • Search for a processed Doc by typing in the Search field
  • Use the page numbers to navigate
  • Sort the Docs by clicking on the column headings
  • Choose the number of Docs to view using the dropdown menu at the bottom of the list
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