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The Dashboard is the central location you are directed to upon logging into your eBoss Database system.


All the main Navigation for your eBoss database is on the left hand side.  Each main area such as Candidates or Clients is clickable to navigate to from this area.  If there is an important sub-section for an area such as Candidates, then you can click on the drop-down arrow to the right of, for example the Candidate Link, and navigate to other related areas.

Calendar & Statistics Panels

Here you can see your

  • Calendar (showing any reminders and activity you have booked in for yourself or other Consultants)
  • Important Statisticsabout your current Pipeline statuses –‘Linked’ for your Candidates’ External Relationship with Clients and Jobs‘Internal’ for your Candidates’ Internal processing Status.


Both the Calendar and the Statistics panels can be minimised by clicking the blue dropdown arrow in the right of the Title Bar to give more screen space for the panel you wish to work in.


At the top right of your Dashboard screen, you will see a search field.  You can perform a general name search of the entire Database from this area at any time. This will search your Candidates, Clients and Contacts by name and your Jobs by Job Title.

Upload CV

You can quickly upload a CV at the bottom of the Navigation menu on the left.  Simply click Browse to locate the CV on your computer, then click Parse CV to have the details automatically imported to your system.

Search CV

You can perform a quick search of all the CV’s stored on your Database.  Located at the bottom of the Navigation menu on the left of your screen, simply enter the text you would like to search CV’s for, and hit Go.

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