The Calendar on your Dashboard provides a powerful way to view events and appointments.

Calendar View

The Calendar will show you the current Month overview by default, listing events scheduled for today just beneath the main Calendar

Viewing Events & Appointments

If you would like to view events on any other day, click on the blue bubble in the main Calendar.  Clicking the blue bubble will then display the appointment details below the Calendar, from where you can click on individual appointments for further information.


Using the dropdown menus just below the Calendar, you can quickly Filter the entire Calendar by a specific date for appointments that are assigned to you or everyone else.

Navigating Events & Appointments

At the top of the list of Appointments, you can use the First, Previous, Next, Last, and page number to navigate should you have many appointments.  At the bottom of the List of Appointments, you can select how many Appointments to display on the page.

Adding Events & Appointments

This is as simple as clicking on the white space for any given day, then entering the details for the appointment.  The Calendar Event can be linked to a Candidate and/or Client and Consultant.

Appointment Actions

You can use the dropdown menu just below the Calendar to Print, Delete or mark as complete  multiple or individual appointments.  Alternatively, use the Action icons to the right of each Appointment to Action individual Appointments.

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