Clicking on the ‘Contacts’ link in the main Navigation on the left of your eBoss database takes you by default to the main Contacts view page.   You are also able to click the drop down arrow to the right of ‘Contacts’ and click ‘View Contacts’ to navigate to this page.

From the main Contacts page your eBoss database allows you to quickly send a Contact or Contacts an email.

1 – Send Email to Individual Contact

Look in the Actions column on the right and click the Envelope icon with the plus symbol.  This presents you with the Notes & Communications: Compose Email window.

  • Enter any other email addresses you’d like to send to in the CC or BCC fields
  • Enter the Subject for the Email
  • Choose the Style from the drop down menu
  • Choose the Template from the drop down menu
  • Enter the Email body text, and format as required using the toolbar
  • Check the box if you want to be informed the message has been received
  • Click ‘Upload a File’ to Attach a document to the Email
  • Click Send

Your Email will be sent to your recipient.

2 – Send Email to Multiple Contacts

Filter & Select Multiple Contacts

  • Navigate to the Contacts screen in your main navigation menu on the left
  • Select the desired Contacts either by:Selecting individually using the checkbox to the leftSelecting all Contacts on the screen by clicking the checkbox to the top of the columnUsing the ‘Select All’ link to the right of the Filter button at the top of the list – this differs from the above in that you will select all your  Contacts, from all the Pages listedUsing Advanced Search to filter your list of Contacts

Sending the Email to Multiple Contacts

Once you have the required list of Contacts:

  • Choose ‘Write Email’ from the dropdown list at top left
  • Click Apply
  • Check the list of Contacts presented in the Compose Email screen
  • Enter any CC or BCC recipients required
  • Enter the Subject
  • Choose a Style & Template for the Email
  • Enter your message, using the toolbar to format text and insert any required tags or links
  • Check the box if you would like a ‘Read Receipt’
  • Click ‘Upload a File’ if you wish to attach a document to this Email
  • Click Send

Your Email will be sent to your recipients.  *Note – if you have selected a lot of Contacts to email, your system will normally process around 300 per hour depending on server load.

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