• Simply enter a Client name, or part of a Client name in the Search field at the top right of your screen
  • A list of matching results is displayed
  • Click on the desired result to go to the individual fileClick the ‘Advanced Search’ button to open or close the Advanced Search options

Advanced Search

Quick Search

Here you can search on:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Query

Click ‘Reset’ to clear the fields, or ‘Search’ to search on the information you have entered.

Using a combination will narrow your search down, e.g. searching for:

  • Company Name: ‘limited’
  • Contact Name: ‘david’

Will yield results for only Clients whose name includes ‘limited’ AND have a contact called ‘david’.

Database Search

Here you can perform a ‘Database Search’ of Clients on your eBoss system.

  • Select the Industry / Skills and Statuses you’d like to search Clients for(Ctrl + click, or Shift + click with your mouse to select multiple items)
  • Click Search, or Reset to clear your selections


Here you can perform a Search on Notes / Status / Registration Date & Consultants

  • Enter the text you wish to search Notes for if required
  • Select a Status as required
  • Select a Date of Registration if required
  • Select Consultants if required
  • Enter a Department
  • Click Click Search, or Reset to clear your selections
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