From the main View Clients page your eBoss database allows you to quickly maintain Shortlists of Clients, grouping them together for instance to send an Email, or for marketing purposes, or if you have a particular Candidate in mind to send to them.

Filter & Select Multiple Clients

  • Navigate to the Clients screen in your main navigation menu on the left
  • Select the desired Clients either by:Selecting individually using the checkbox to the leftSelecting all Clients on the screen by clicking the checkbox to the top of the columnUsing the ‘Select All’ link to the right of the Filter button at the top of the list – this differs from the above in that you will select all the Clients, from all the Pages listedUsing Advanced Search to filter your list of ClientsSelect ‘Shortlist Management’ from the dropdown at the top of the Client list (or use the dropdown arrow to the right of Clients in your main Navigation menu on the left of the screen)Click ApplyEnter a new name, or select a Shortlist from the dropdown to add these Clients toTick the box only to completely replace the existing ShortlistReview the list of Clients to be added to the listClick Submit

Managing the Shortlist

Your Clients are now added to the specified Shortlist.

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