To add a new Client: 

From the Dashboard – in the main Navigation on the left of your screen, click the drop down arrow to the right of Clients. Then click ‘Add Client’.

From the View Clients page – click ‘Add New +’ at the top of your screen.

Entering Information 

Both the above will present you with the Add Client form. Here you can enter details such as Company name, Contact name, Country, Region, Address and Telephone information. Simply enter the required information, or select it from the drop down menus, and use Tab to move through the fields. If you have multiple Contacts, enter the details of your main contact first to create the file. Once the file has been created you can then add as many additional Contacts as needed.

Industry, Job Title and Additional Skills 

These fields will ‘auto‐suggest’ as you start typing in the field. Simply start typing e.g. the Industry, and a list will pop up. You can use the mouse, or the up and down arrows on your keyboard to move through the suggestions, and either mouse‐click or hit Enter to select that suggestion.

Send Email 

You are able to select an email to send to the Client from the drop down menu and add them to your Newsletter subscriber list. You can also select the Source of the Client.

Once done, click Save, and you are presented with the option to amend the Client Gatekeeping section on the Client Dashboard.

Client Gatekeeping 

Click the Client Gatekeeping header bar to open this area. Client Gatekeeping is an important part of setting up the Client on your eBoss database. Here you can set whether the Client is hiring or not, what industry sector they are in, update the Source of the Client, and Accept the Client on to your system, and also choose to send them an Email.

Once you’ve selected the required status for the Client, click Save.

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