From the main Candidates page, clicking on a Candidate ID will take you to the individual Candidate’s Dashboard.  Similarly, clicking on their Name will take you to their Notes Tab. Along the top of the individual Candidate’s record are 5 Tabs:

  • DashboardThis gives you quick access toConsultant InformationDocumentsChecklistSend SMSSkills at a GlanceNotesSecurityDetailsAllows Editing ofPersonal DetailsEmployment DetailsConsultants assignedChecklistLinkedShows any Links between this Candidate and Clients or JobsDocumentsDisplays Documents saved for this CandidateAllows quick upload for new DocumentsNotes & CommunicationsOverview provides a list of all Notes, Emails, SMS and Calendar eventsCompose Email – create a new Email to the CandidateCompose Note – add a Note to the CandidateSend SMS – quickly send a textCreate Event – create a Calendar event for the Candidate.
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