To send CV’s or details of Candidates to your Client, navigate to an individual Client record and click the Send Candidate Tab.

Send Candidate

  • Start typing the name of a Candidate and a list will pop up
  • select the required Candidate with your mouse
  • Repeat for any other desired Candidates
  • Click Add to Email
  • Select/de-select the Client Contacts you would like to receive the Email
  • Enter any CC / BCC recipients as required
  • Enter a Subject
  • Choose a Style and Template for this Email
  • Enter your Email MessageYou can format your message, insert links and images using the toolbar at the top of the message window
  • Check the box if you’d like to request a ‘Read Receipt’
  • Click ‘Upload a File’ if you’d like to attach a file to this message
  • Select any Documents you’d like to send such as CV’s
  • Click Send and your email will be sent to the Client.

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