Navigate to an individual Client record, then click the Jobs Tab to view jobs for this Client.  The top section of the page allows you to create a new Job record, and the bottom section displays existing Jobs.

Add a Job

  • Click the ‘Add New+’ link at the top of the page
  • Enter the required Job information such as Type, Title, Industry, Notes etc as required
  • You can auto-tweet this Job by ticking the checkbox at the top of the Add Job section.  Note – you will need your Twitter username & password for this.
  • Click Save to create a new Job record for this Client.

Existing Job Records

You can view existing Job records in the bottom section of the screen.

Quick-Actions for Existing Job Record

  • Click +Assign to choose Consultants
  • Click IDIBU (If subscribed) to post to IDIBU
  • Click Adcourier (if subscribed) to post to Broadbean
  • Click Jobmate (if subscribed) to post to Jobmate
  • Find Candidates for this Job –click Lookup,enter a Postcode & distanceSelect Criteria (e.g. ‘Job Title) and enter a Value (e.g. “Manager”)Click ‘Find Candidates’
  • Delete using the Trashcan icon
  • Edit using the Pencil icon
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