Clicking on the ‘Reporting’ link in the main Navigation on the left of your eBoss database takes you by default to the Reporting Index page.


There are 2 ways to navigate the Reporting section:

Method 1 – Main Navigation Drop Down Menu

You are also able to click the drop down arrow to the right of ‘Reporting’ and use the drop down links:

  • Reporting
  • Monitor
  • Job
  • Consultant
  • Commission

Method 2

You can also use the Tabs (same options as above) along the top of the Reporting page to navigate.

Reporting – What Does Each Section Do?

Index Tab

Here you essentially have access to the key Reporting areas such as Monitor, Main Reporting, Job Reporting, Consultant Reporting, and Commission Reporting.

Monitor Tab

Use the monitor section to see which of your Consultants was logged in, when, for how long, and via what IP address, along with how many Operations they carried out.

General Reporting Tab

Here you can select from / to Dates, along with Consultants to view (or export) detailed statistical data on the number of SMS, Emails, Candidate Emails, Jobs, Candidates, Clients and Phone Calls – all broken down by Consultant.

Job Reporting Tab

This section will give you stats on activity in a given time period – you are able to select start and end Dates, and one or multiple Jobs, then click Report to view details on the number of

  • Notes – including Phone, Interview, Incoming Emails, Outgoing Emails and SMS
  • Linked – including Initial Meeting, CV submitted, Interview, Interview 2, Awaiting Feedback, Offer, Offer accepted etc.
  • Commission – including Client, Job, Candidate, Salary, Commission and Value

Consultant  Reporting

Here you can view Reports for Notes and X-status Events (ie Initial Meetings, Interviews etc) based on a Date Range, and by User (Consultant).

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting allows you to choose a date range and Users to report on things such as:

  • New Clients Added
  • New Jobs Added
  • New Candidates Registered
  • Number of CV’s Submitted against Jobs
  • Number of Interviews booked

And many other important details taken from the external and internal statuses on your system.  You can also export this data as a CSV for further customised analysis in Excel.

Commission  Reporting

This page enables you to Choose a Date Range, and then enter one, or multiple Clients and Jobs to generate a Report.

The Report will display the Client, Job, Candidate, Salary, Commission & Value for the given date range and Jobs selected.

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