The Dashboard Tab enables you to quickly perform key tasks related to the individual Candidate.

  • Candidate Gatekeeping – here you can set Internal, Source and Status information, as well as sending an automated email if for example, you are Accepting a new Candidate.
  • Documents – enables you to quickly view existing Documents, and upload a CV or other file for the Candidate.
  • Checklist – enables you to quickly view and update crucial documentation required from the Candidate.
  • Send SMS – you can quickly send the Candidate an SMS in this area.  Select ‘Send Now’, or ‘Send Later’ and set the date and time to schedule the SMS.
  • Skills at a glance – displays skills assigned to the Candidate.
  • Notes – here you can view and Search any Notes related to the Candidate.
  • Security Information – this enables you to re-set the Candidate login and password information for your website members area if you have a website with eBoss.  You can also send your Candidate an automated email advising them of the new login details.
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