From the individual Candidate record you are able to send an email to the individual Candidate.  You are able to fill in common email fields such as CC, BCC and Subject.

  • click ‘Notes & Communications’
  • click ‘Compose Email’ button.
  • The Candidate’s email address is pulled in automatically
  • Enter CC if desired
  • Enter BCC if desired
  • Enter Subject
  • Choose a Style from the drop down menu
  • Choose a Template from the drop down menu
  • Write your email as you would usually (you can style your text and insert hyperlinks by using the toolbar at the top of the message window)
  • Select if you require a ‘Read Receipt’
  • Optionally Save the message as a Template by entering a name in the Template field before sending.
  • You can also include an Attachment by clicking ‘Upload a File’ or selecting a document already held in the Candidates document area.
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